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Hi Guys,


Welcome to the latest blog from CHE Performance Auto.


Once again CHE Performance have returned from another trade show trip – last year the PRI 2016 show in Indianapolis with further products to share with you all.


CHE have decided to release a Do-It-Yourself kit for the end users and engine builders.


These trunnion and bushing conversion kits require only the use of snap ring pliers and assembly lube or oil to assemble, and are made from the same materials that we have been using on CHE’s trunnion conversions since February 2006.  They are made from CHE’s proprietary bushing and valve guide material that they have been using for over 30 years.  The bushings are designed to slip fit onto the trunnion and into the rocker and therefore do not need the use of special tools or a press.  This design will increase the amount of usable war surface, as the bushing will continue to rotate in the rockers and around the trunnion.  CHE’s oiling design is the same as it has always been, grooves that are machined in a spiral pattern around the bushing on the OD and ID.  The trunnion are heat treated steel and precision ground to hold a +/-.0002″ tolerance.  The trunnions will accept both OEM and ARP bolts, as they always have, and we recommend a maximum lift of .670″.  They were originally designed for Wegner Motorsports for use in the Spec Motor programs, and they have test them to 9500 RPM without any failures.


We have kits in stock..  Give us a call or send through an email

Blog 2

Hi Guys

Welcome to the second BLOG post for CHE Performance Auto

CHE Performance have returned from a trip last year the PRI 2015 show with exciting news.  We have extended our our range and now can supply you with Isky Racing Cams products.  Isky have a top quality range of Roller Lifters, Valve Springs, Valve Locks, Camshafts, Hydrauic Lifters, Valve seals and the list goes on.

We are excited to be able to provide Isky’s fine quality engine components to Australia
CHE looks forward to hearing from you Dean on +61 424 850 599

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Hi Guys,

Welcome to the first BLOG post for CHE Performance Auto Pty Ltd, distributors of CHE Precision Engine Components.

After a visit to The CHE Precision factory in California’s Newbury Park in December 2014, we knew that these were no ordinary parts and we realised that Australia was missing out on some of the best products on the market so, we are excited to joining a family business that offers the highest quality valve guides and seats among other things to people who are serious about engine building and racing accross Australia & the Asia Pacific Region.


Claude Holguin & his son Charlie officially opened the doors of CHE in 1989 and since then they have gained a reputation of quality and reliability in the racing fraternity.  You can see an interview with Claude at the (Performance Racing Industry) PRI 2013 Trade Show in Indianapolis by clicking on the youtube link below:

We will also be attending PRI this year for the three biggest business days in racing, where more than 11,000 companies will display the latest advances in hardcore racing parts and technology, this is the world’s premiere event for racing professionals & We hope to be sourcing more great new lines to add to our inventory.

We’d love you to subscribe to our BLOG, we will be updating from time to time with industry news and information as well as photos of some cool cars, bikes & engines that feature our products.

Thanks for reading and we’ll be upgrading and adding to our website in the coming weeks as it’s still under construction but all good things take time. Check out the link below to to PRI 2015 show, hope to see you there.

If you would like some information or brochures on what CHE Performance has to offer please contact us either via the contact page or Call Dean on 0424 850 599

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